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Hello and welcome to the FL Services web site.

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FLS are based in Fleet, Hampshire, UK and are a medium sized service provider, web shop owner, importer and distributor and product development company.

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Through our subs and on line stores we provide services such as computer network installations and support, computer hardware, product design and development and sales agency services to various "principals" in the UK and in other parts of the world as well as selling many different products to the consumer.

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We are Authorised Resellers of the famous Genie Backup software.  This great range of backup software products includes solutions for home, business and server users.

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There are demo versions of the software available for you to download and test.

We are also distributors for the Thomar Range of dry dehumidifier products.

These are simply the best, totally natural, re-chargeable indefinately dehumidifiers on
on the market today.  Click on the Thomar logo to the right to see more about this
fantastic product range.
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